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The Joe Vampire Series

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The vampire novel gets a 21st century reboot in this irreverent series about an everyman who becomes the every-vam.

Joe wasn’t expecting to become a vampire. He was just hanging with friends at a sushi bar, putting his life back together after a rough break-up. But someone sucked on his neck – WITH THEIR TEETH – and threw him into an inconceivable situation that becomes more and more conceivable every minute. Now, he’s on a roller coaster ride of strange and sometimes hilarious supernatural happenings that tell him more and more his life isn’t fully under his control anymore. So he takes to the internet to tell the world what it’s really like to transform into a real-life card-carrying Member of the Undead, in real-time. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, when his whole life shifts beneath him and he draws the attention of some menacing people who don’t exactly love bloodsuckers, it might not be so simple after all.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Stories of Damaged Magic

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - 25 PERCENT

Magical realism takes a darkly whimsical turn in twenty tales of unexpected enchantment from the imagination of Steven Luna.

A man who receives life-changing financial advice from the talking fruit in his breakfast bowl…a girl whose thoughts incinerate her family over and over again…a house that wants nothing more than to please its occupants, and will do anything at all to make sure they’re happy. From enchanting to troubling to downright disturbing, this is why can’t have nice things explores the notion that sometimes even the most promising of magic can go askew, through an array of characters whose outcomes can be horrifying, hilarious, or heartbreaking – all delivered with inventive charm and wickedly gleeful wit.



From the darkly whimsical imagination of Steven Luna comes a gothic fairy tale of deathly proportions!

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As seventh-generation Keepers, sisters Agatha and Sarah Spindlecrook can Awaken the dead simply by speaking their names. But the dead who sleep in Broodhaven Cemetery suddenly seem to be rising all on their own. The sisters can also put the dead back Asleep by speaking their names again while dropping a stone…though that doesn’t seem to be working for them at the moment, either. Now, all of Broodhaven is in danger of being overrun by the rising dead as they Awaken and head back to the village for the comforts of home, which threatens to destroy the tenuous balance between life and death. Enter serial widow Prudence Callowill, who’s received a divine message regarding how to rid Broodhaven of their infestation of Awakened souls—but her plan involves ridding Broodhaven of the Spindlecrooks, too. A mysterious figure holds the secret of the Unbidden Awakenings, and another might be able to make all well again…if only those who could truly help put things right weren’t already dead themselves.


Infinitum One: Origin

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Infinitum One: Origin is an exciting new work from Steven Luna, a story that rewrites the book on superheroes, from the wild imagination that reinvented the vampire novel!

Ed Helquist never asked for superhuman strength, or extraordinary speed, or the voice in his blood that tells him when and where trouble will occur; those things just arose in him one day, calling him into danger and forcing him to help people without knowing why. His best friend Casey has a ridiculous theory: somehow Ed is becoming a superhero, an idea that Ed just can’t allow himself to believe. When Lane Daniels appears and reminds Ed of an extraordinary incident from their childhood that supports the possibility, Ed has no choice but to allow that his powers have been with him for longer than he’s realized—and now, they seem to be evolving. His simple life is becoming more and more complicated every minute, and a mysterious woman who keeps showing up to cause trouble may hold the answers to everything…if only she she’d stop trying to kill him long enough for him to ask.


Going Viral

Going Viral - Cover 2019 12 Percent

A wild ride through the strange, unexpected world of internet fame…and it all begins with a sandwich.

Going Viral is the hilarious tale of a twenty-four hour adventure that sets down-on-his-luck Mac Bishop on a path toward fame and fortune, stardom and celebrity…and a few dark twists he never saw coming. With his best friend Carl and his cousin Harris taking over as his pro-team, Mac becomes Sandwich Guy, the internet’s Next Big Thing, which brings him an unexpected opportunity to put his crumbling life back on track. Book deals! Movie deals! Money like Mac has never dreamed of! The chance to work with such high-powered celebrities as super-feel-good daytime talk show host Anna Ellwood and mega-movie star Julian Holt! Every next minute brings something wonderful and new, which is just what he needs after his searing breakup with long-time girlfriend Samantha and the failure of GroBack, his ill-conceived hair restoration invention. But internet fame can bring as much trouble as opportunity, and when his unpredictable investor-slash-loan-shark Dmitri Vang catches wind of Mac’s rising star, he wants in on the action…and he isn’t going to take “no” for an answer. Soon, Mac and crew are working to outsmart his nemesis and trying to keep their heads on straight, all while navigating the unpredictable ups and downs of being an online sensation. And beneath the mayhem and madness lies the heartbreaking reason Mac made the video in the first place. If only he could tell someone how it all came about…

Yeah…social media sure can be a mixed bag. But some days, your life just clicks.