street teaming

A couple of my incredible readers have jumped in to show support in a major way, and I’m kinda overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity at doing so. Danielle Young and Louise Hands have joined forces to create a street team to help promote my books. They’re calling it steven’s lunatics (in lower case, like the blog here). Be one of the first 25 to join up, and you’ll receive a free electronic copy of Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing for the reader of your choice in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Once you’re a member, you’ll be privvy to all kinds of cool stuff: exclusive contests and drawings, promos for only you, and written things that no one outside of the team will have access to.

Sweet, huh?

I thought it was.

I have the coolest readers ever. And they’re awesome people to boot.

Rather than fiddle-faddle with the HTML to present it all on my blog and blow up WordPress in the process, I figured I’d just link over to their sites. Danielle’s is called Consuming Worlds, and Louise’s is called Relaxed Reads. Head over and check it out. Sign up and get some cool stuff. Spread the word to your friends and help tell the world about Songs, Joe Vampire, and some other sweet story fun coming up.

Tell them Luna sent you.

And thank you to them, and to you, and to Danielle and Louise for believing in what I do.

You’re helping the dream come true.

And that’s the coolest thing in the world.


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