Getting into the swing of the holidays a little early this year…maybe. If big box retailers are any indication, Christmas started just before the post-Labor Day back to school rush. So please accept my apologies, either for jumping in ahead of the game, or for dragging my feet and not starting in on it sooner.

I’m all there now.

A couple of short stories have gone up on Amazon for Kindle, just in time for the after-Halloween before-Thanksgiving doldrums. Present Tense: A Christmas Tale follows a man of power and means as he shops for the only thing his wife wants this year: a particularly rare candy-striped purse by Creegan and Cole. It’s also the first year he hasn’t had his personal assistants do his shopping for him. Challenges await; hilarity ensues.


Not one to be outdone by Rudolph, Charlie Brown or Bing Crosby, the world’s most sarcastic dead fellow is getting his very own holiday special. In A Very Joe Vampire Holiday, Joe and family celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah while working through a few complications of their own. If you’re familiar with the Ashers, you know this one is bound to be as heartwarming as it is humorous (that’s what we’re aiming for, anyway).


These both come in addition to last year’s offering, Unlisted: A Christmas Fable, which explores the idea of what happens when someone lands on both the Naughty and Nice list at the same time (hint: it isn’t good.)


I invite you to try any or all of them; the three together make a fun contemporary holiday storytelling suite to put you in the right spirit. They’re stocking-stuffer priced at a dollar each, too, and will be throughout the season. Click on the covers to be magically transported to the Land of Books and Stuff.

As Joe himself would say, “Jingle jingle, yo – drop the needle and spin the dreidel.”



  1. I don’t think you are too early or too late. I believe you should follow Gandolf on this one and say that an author arrives precisely when he means to.

    That being said I love Present Tense it was the perfect story to put me in the mood for holiday shopping!

    I read Unlisted last year and was thoroughly impressed as usual! Now I can’t wait to read me some snarky Joe! I believe that will be the absolute perfect holiday treat 😀

    Thanks for all this holiday awesomeness Steven!

  2. Based on the snowflakes and holiday sweaters I’ve been putting on my shelves at work, it is just the perfect time for some Holiday stories, Luna style!

    Read last year’s Unlisted and loved it (will need to re-read this year) and already snowballed through Present Tense and Joe…both great!

    You write some good words, Luna!

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