endless possibilitease

I’m a fan of the places where science and spirituality overlap. Imagining the possible: aside from napping and snacking on things, it’s my favorite semi-passive activity (passive activity…hmmm…). So the idea of a multiverse really makes my hamster run wild in his squeaky little wheel, if you get my drift. And really, if you DO get my drift, please explain it to me. Even I don’t get it sometimes.

I read this article on io9 – the place where I get all of my geekery and nerd wonderment (and I mean that in the most irreveretnly reverent way possible) – and now the wheels are turning for a novel about this theme. So many ways to play with structure for something like this. But first I should finish the other seven novels I’m working on.

Or maybe I won’t.

That’s the glory of a multiverse: the opportunity to do or to don’t is always at your fingertips.



I don’t think the multiverse really looks like this…I just like this picture a lot.






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