life imitates art, vampire-style

My Joe Vampire series is written as a set of blog posts, told from the perspective of a reluctant contemporary vampire with a sharp tongue and a skewed, sarcastic take on Life Under Extraordinary Circumstances. For anyone not familiar with the character, he’s no cape-and-tie neck biter; he’s a fully-fleshed-out real-live dude who’s stuck in a situation that he didn’t see coming, doing the best he can to not let it crush his sense of self – or his sense of humor.

Dark absurdist comedy with heart and soul. That’s what I aim for with him.

I’m currently hacking away at edits for The New Paranormal, the third full-length novel in the series, with hopes of a mid-summer release. In the meantime, it appears that this character has more to say than can be contained on page. So he’s fired up a real blog to dump wisdom – or whatever – and share his slanted point of view about pretty much everything.

Sometimes, he’ll give away bonus material and free books.

Sometimes, he’ll chit-chat about things that drive him crazy, or offer advice to anyone brave enough to ask for it.

And sometimes, he’ll tackle the bigger issues, philosophizing about what it’s like to be largely dead among a world laden with the entirely-alive.

Click on the blood-spattered shades to see what it’s all about, and feel free to follow along as he expounds, if you’d like. It’s bound to be…interesting, let’s say.

But good interesting.
Joe Vampire Shades and Logo


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