deconstructing the mail species

I’ve got a lot of snazzy projects planned for the near-future, and even more for the distant future. To keep everyone who’s interested up to date on all the goings-on, I’ve fired up an honest-to-goodness newsletter. For those of you not following the blog, you’ll see links to posts found in addition to a bunch of ridiculous exclusive material – bonus works available first through the newsletter (and some available nowhere else) as well as word on freebies, upcoming events, and previews of projects still in the works. I promise not to spam you, because spam is nasty whether you find it in a can or in your inbox. And I’ll never sell your e-mail address or share it with anyone else. That’s just not cool.

I’m not technologically slick enough at the moment to embed the form into the blog…but I’m working on it. For now, feel free to use the link below.

Click on over, sign right up, and take a step further into the happy madness.


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