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Joe Vampire The New Paranormal Final Other

I finished writing Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal in April of 2013, with every intention of having him out by the end of summer. Then, the idea for Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing jumped into my head and took control, shoving the dude vampire all the way to the back of everything. It takes a mighty powerful force to overcome that fanged blabbermouth, but it happened. He sort of stayed in the background for the rest of the year, biding his time while a few other new ideas took precedence. He showed up in 2014, in a short story and a book of wisdom. But the To Be Continued of his greater story stayed squarely in the To Do pile.

A year later, I was ready to pick him up again and revisit the point at which we’d last met. I found that it was in much better shape than I’d thought, and only needed a few additional posts and some reinforcement before being ready for the world. I rediscovered the fun in reading him, and in writing him, too.

Most importantly, I remembered why I dig that guy so much.

He makes me happy, and he makes me angry, and he makes me sad.

He’s kind of a smick-smack of everything. I’m honored that he lets me jot down his adventures.

And I’m glad he’s back in town.

Welcome back, friend.

Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal, book three in the Joe Vampire series. Now available for Kindle.


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