the glorious disorganized

I spend a lot of time wondering why I start so many projects at the same time. Or, rather, staggered one after the other. One—or seven—tend to arrive on the heels of another, and they bring their little brothers and sisters with them, cluttering the thoughtspace until there’s no room for grocery lists or yardwork. They just keep a-coming. And it’s not only storytelling-writing-verbalism sorts of things. Visual stuff is thrown into the mix, and auditory stuff. Films and industrial design and architecture. Even ideas for sculpture…and I don’t sculpt. It doesn’t seem to matter. The diversity of idea-smithing holds no boundaries.

I hear I’m not alone in this.

I’ve taken a little time to obsess about it, and I’ve come to a largely-uneducated—and possibly unfounded—conclusion about why the creative mind works in such unpatterned patterns. I haven’t taken the time to Google about it yet, though…maybe science will back me up this time. Or maybe science doesn’t give a hang what I think and has theories of its own to explore and disprove.

Maybe science has no idea I even play in its sandbox.

At any rate…

My idea is this: left-brain function governs math and analysis and reasoning-based activities, right? And right-brain function governs intuition and imagination and creativity, yes? So it follows (in the Lunaverse, anyway) that the manner in which the hemispheres conduct their respective functions is reflective of the very functions they conduct. With a dotted-line crossback between the two, of course.

What the hell am I talking about? he asked himself at this point in the post.

Mathematics is a stepwise performance, from point A to point B to point C; the mode in which this type of thinking performs best is stepwise as well, by necessity. Calculational thought is the decryption (or encryption) of the universe out of (or into) numeric representation. To oversimplify it: in left-brain thinking,  it makes total sense that the train carries the red freight in the red boxcar.

There is order in order.

Creativity, however, can be engaged from point C to point banana peel to point 99. It has virtually limitless possibilities for structure. Therefore, it exists thought-wise in something more of an exploding universe model, in which any place is a great place to start, and any direction is the right one to work in, as long as The Idea is arrived at. And in this structureless structure, the ideas tend to overlap. To overcomplicate it: in right-brain thinking, it makes total sense that the train carries the red freight in both the red and blue and yellow boxcars, because you never know when you might be in the mood for red or purple or orange. It can also be carried in the shoe boxcar, and the apple boxcar, and the I Just Thought of Another Story! boxcar. And you can jump into any of those at any time and end up with something completely valuable, and maybe unexpected, but equally valid as the thing you originally went in looking for. Single-sentencing it: creativity is all potentials, all at the same time.

There is also order in disorder.

Because of this phenomenon, disorganization actually IS our organization. It simply has an order so subtle that it stretches the limit of that word’s definition until it almost can’t be detected. We’re doing things in the way that our neural pathways have discovered works best, in both subject matter and expression.

Don’t hate on us because we seem all over the place; understand that this is the key to our essence. And what we end up with on the pedestal at the end of the day will be worth all the back-and-forthing our little brains had to do in order to bring our ideas to life.

I forget where I was going with this…

Oh yeah! Being disorganized.

Back on it now.

And so it is that I go looking for one simple idea—ONE—for a blog post, and end up with a new character who doesn’t fit into anything, and visions of new painted images, and the notion that I should add yet another novel to my growing list of works in progress…and about seventeen other ideas, all stuck to the shoes of the single idea I was looking for.

So typical. And rightly so.

Because imaginative thought can have any structure that works at the moment, it ends up having zero structure at all sometimes. Which is why we Creatives should be indebted to the left hemisphere for imposing some sort of order on it all when we finally move past the I Have an Idea! phase and move into the Now How the Hell Do I Make This Work? phase.

Science: catch up on this.

Unless you already have, and I’m just repeating something that I read in a journal or on a website or in a really nerd-centric bathroom stall somewhere.

In which case, I have a few more ideas I’d like to discuss with you.

That’s just how my homies and I do things.


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