This giant picture of an eclipse has nothing to do with anything. It’s just awesome, so I threw it in. You’re welcome.

I’m usually not one to pass up a challenge…unless it happens on a Tuesday, because really – Tuesday? It’s like Monday’s tag-along little brother, or – to mix my metaphors nice and good – like the Peter Criss of weekdays: you know it’s there in the background, but if it happened to be replaced by something else (three times, even) or if it disappeared altogether, would anyone notice the difference? And even if they did, wouldn’t they be happy for the change-up? We could head straight to Wednesday without having to hurdle over a day where nothing good has happened since Mork and Mindy went off the air.


That has nothing to do with anything, does it?

Let’s just say 6:30 am isn’t a peak time for my mental focus.

What were we talking about before Tuesday jumped in and sneezed all over the salad bar?

Oh yes…I remember now. A challenge!

Author extraordinnaire (don’t quote me on the spelling of that) Clayton Smith has thrown down a gauntlet of sorts: come up with 8 terrible book titles by scrolling through my manuscript, stopping at random, and using the phrase under my cursor…which I must confess, in the interest of artistic integrity, is the method I use to write most of my novels. I just scroll through something I’ve already written, slam on the brakes, and choose whatever happens to be in front of me as the first line. Then I do that about 40,000 more times, and eventually this monkey has rewritten Shakespeare’s typewritter…or something like that.

Yeah. 6:30 am wasn’t the right time to do this.

At any rate, I’ve chosen the following from On Broken Strings, my new adult work-in-progress about a college drop-out leaving an abusive household to find better circumstance, starting with the upscale young lady who frequents the coffee shop where he works. It’s somewhat uncharted territory for me, as the titles below might reflect. Let’s see what the randomly-placed cursor came up with.

  1. Another Sip
  2. That Punk Mouth of Yours
  3. Completely Off-Limits
  4. Not Getting Enough
  5. On the Case
  6. My Name and Number
  7. Always Started from Anger
  8. With Every Thump

Wow. Those sound all kinds of porno-noir. Makes me wonder how the book is going to turn out.

If anyone reading this wants to take up the challenge, I wholeheartedly endorse your decision. Consider the gauntlet thrown down!  Maybe wait until 9-ish or so before you get rolling, though. On any day but Tuesday.

Do NOT get me started on Tuesday again.


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