hold ’em by the wings


Nobody had ever thought to eat the dragonflies before. Nestor was the first. “You just snatch ‘em out of the air,” he told us. “Hold ‘em by the wings like you’re reading a tiny newspaper…pinch ‘em tight, or they’ll fly away.”

“You’re not serious?” I asked him.

“Totally. They’ll just flutter out of your grip if you don’t hold firm.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

He didn’t seem to hear that. “Then you just dig in like you’re eating a cob of corn, only straight up and down instead of sideways…”

He’d always done odd things, but this just seemed cruel and unnecessary. “Why would you ever eat a dragonfly?”

His head made a broad swivel as he surveyed our surroundings. It was largely for the sake of sarcasm. “Do you see much else in this hole to live off of?”

He had a point.

– Excerpt from my short story Grub.

(In other news, my novel Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal, book 3 of the Joe Vampire Series, is currently free for Kindle…snatch one of those, too!)


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