Thoughts in the Head

This is where I think about things. I usually fall asleep somewhere in the middle. Don’t let that stop you from hanging around.

and then…


“Sometimes it isn’t enough to rearrange the furniture.┬áSometimes you need to move the whole house.” – Traditional Lunian proverb

Consider these new digs my do-over, my rebeginning. My attempt at extending beyond simply being the writer of a particular sarcasm-prone anti-vampire who just can’t seem to keep his opinions to himself.

Not that I have anything against the guy.

Very fond of him, actually.

He is the springboard, the proving ground. Square One in the story behind the story. But there’s more in my pen than just the navel-gazing snark of Joe Vampire. So I’m branching out a little. Changing the format ever so slightly, in a new environment. And, oddly enough, simplifying things in the process.

In other words, moving the house.

Experimenting with new tales about new people who have new words falling out of their mouths. Some of it isn’t even comedy. Hopefully, that’s a good thing. We’ll see.

And yes, Joe Vampire is still part of this. A huge part, actually.

He’s just going to have a little company now.