the joe vampire series

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Joe Vampire is a dark absurdist comedy that skewers the contemporary pop culture notion of vampires being creatures of glamour. Through a misunderstanding on a blind date, Joe is bitten and ends up afflicted with what amounts to a chronic illness. Instead of being graced with the gift of sexual magnetism and brooding appeal, he actually experiences vampire as an existential condition, a spiritual disease as much as a physical one that forces him to ask some difficult questions: what is life worth when you know you’re more or less immortal? How do you deal with having something like “vampire” forced on you against your will? How will you fit into a judgmental society within which you were already considered somewhat awkward? What do friendships, relationships, connections with family and the attainment of dreams look like on the other side of this malady? Fortunately, Joe is a stubborn fellow with a penchant for raw, hilarious, profanity-laden honesty and a heart that remained alive even after it stopped beating. He’s ready to tell the truth about vampires and set the record straight.  

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Joe has his own series of novels – Joe Vampire,  Joe Vampire: The Afterlife, and the forthcoming Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal – in addition to several short stories and bonus works, all available online at The stories were conceived as journal-like confessionals, which in the Internet age translates to a blog. Each chapter is a “post,” which allows Joe to be casual and conversational as he tells his story – and don’t be mistaken here: his story is absolutely a STORY in the traditional sense. The telling, however, is fully twenty-first century unconventional.

And since Joe tells it best in his own words, he also has a real-live blog to chatter on. Head over and take a look…there’s all kinds of fun stuff happening at


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