starfire and the miracle tree

Starfire and the Miracle Tree - Final CoverEmmaline Starfire Donahue has a secret: an angel has given her a feather from its wing – an honest-to-goodness angel feather that sparkles and shines and smells like rain! Everybody knows that nothing ever grows in Wahzaloo County except weeds and despair. But when Emmaline plants the feather in her front yard, it grows into a tree that bears miracles – enough for everyone in Wahzaloo! Rain falls for the first time in years, the bald grow hair, and the tone-deaf sing! Who would have believed it? If only her momma were there to share it with her…but she vanished nearly a year ago, and Emmaline’s world has been upside-down ever since. What made Momma disappear, and how will the tree help Emmaline overcome her sadness? With help from Daddy and some fantastic friends – and even a little from her mean-as-the-devil older sister, Juleene – Emmaline might finally understand the truth as she works her way toward a most astounding revelation…

Starfire and the Miracle Tree is a magical realism tale that explores the issues of grieving and loss in a tender, whimsical way that will resonate with children and adults alike. For readers seven years and up.

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